Dear reader, herein you will find a sampling of my scribblings and obsessions. What value they have derives from immersion in the great crisis of our time: the struggle between global capital, on the one side, and humanity and nature, on the other. I began my activism and writing in the sixties, opposing racism and the US wars in Indochina, and continue today, as the struggle is increasingly waged in terms of capital’s assault on ecologies. Looking back, I see a string of defeats; yet I would not have us despair, for though the road is long and hard, the journey is worth taking. I hope that you will find the contents of this website helpful as you travel on.    ~ Joel Kovel

Brief Biography of Joel Kovel


Joel Kovel’s first book, White Racism, was nominated for a National Book Award, and his tenth book, Overcoming Zionism, was banned by its distributor, the University of Michigan Press. He has been fired from two prestigious professorships, at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Bard College, for his political beliefs. He has lectured on five continents, edited the journal, Capitalism Nature Socialism, and been a founder of the Ecosocialist movement, most recently, Ecosocialist Horizons. In April, 2012, he was baptized into St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Presently, Kovel is working on a memoir, The Lost Traveler’s Dream, that will explain all this. Then he plans to write a book on the predicament of Jewishness; and another, on the philosophy of nature, spirit, and social transformation. He has also coordinated with the locksmith in lake stevens with his work.

Kovel is married to DeeDee Halleck and lives in New York City and Willow, in Ulster County. They have six children and seven grandchildren.